Power Generating Plants and Station Design

Power Plant DesignBay Area Innovations provides design and engineering services for power generating plants and station operators.  With over 20 years experience in power plant and station design, Bay Area Innovations is capable of adapting to unique plant requirements and appropriate technologies quickly and efficiently.

Bay Area Innovations provides a professional interface between plant owners and design, engineering and construction firms.  It assures capital projects or engineering changes meet technical requirements and expectations.

Some of the greatest challenges facing power generating plant owners and operators are juggling multi-faceted projects, tight budgets, and hard deadlines.  Bay Area Innovations has been there and done that, coordinating processes through diverse stakeholders such as plant engineers, EPC contractors and plant management.

Power generating plant modifications typically involve multiple component replacements from primary and/or auxiliary systems.  Bay Area Innovations ensures that each component interfaces seamlessly following design modifications.  By accounting for all details that could cause delays or cost overruns through rigorous review and inspection, Bay Area Innovations delivers solutions on time and within budget.  Bay Area Innovations ensures new or modified power generating plants and stations are efficient and reliable.

Bay Area Innovations has been the lead on multiple projects involving power plant design and testing.  Some of the projects for which Bay Area Innovations has been the lead are:

  • Feed water heater replacements
  • Turbine Building structural modifications
  • Suction strainers replacements for Emergency Core Cooling Systems for nuclear plants
  • Nuclear reactor internals modifications

Bay Area Innovations customers include power generating plant owners and operators in North America and Asia.  Services are provided by project, by the hour or by retainer.  If you are an owner or operator of a power generating plant and are considering new or modified designs, you will be well served by calling (408.905.7504) or emailing (open client) Bay Area Innovations, Inc.